Thursday, 7 April 2016

Life at Thirty!

Life at Thirty!

Thirty a mere number can be a changing point in life for so many.
A new beginning or a nearing deadline,thirty can be anything from exciting to threatening.
Life at Thirty can be a challenge for sure.

Men seem charming & more desirable at Thirty.Researches have shown most men start new business ventures in their thirty's.Promotions & bigger bucks are a scene for thirty something men.They seem more confident with the experience.New opportunities flow in.New adventures line up. They're seemingly more attractive to the opposite sex than anytime before.Financial stability & growing liabilities is a story for Men in their thirty's.

While its a new beginning for Men it is threatening for the Women.Or so we think!
while most men begin their lives at thirty most women urge to be settled by thirty's. Financially & Personally.
A women married & settled in thirty's is a relief to many.But if we ask why are women so fearful of the number thirty?Then the answer lies here on.
Aging can be pretty scaring for the female lot.It brings in so many problems for the women. With time fading good looks & physical appearance the attraction levels surely reduce with time for women.And as if that wasn't enough the biological clock is also ticking!
The creator also has designed a woman's body to bear & create a life up-to a certain age limit.The biological clock starts ticking by thirty & the chances of bearing & conceiving are lesser further on.

Thirty is actually a beautiful age for both the genders to start new things.A woman can start a new venture or ride towards financial success like a man but when career becomes primary family life becomes secondary.And if the later becomes primary the career suffers!
There are some who are capable enough of handling both the work & domestic pressure & up for great challenges juggling both lives excellently.But not all of them are lucky.often women end up in dilemma while choosing between career & domestic life.

 Life can be pretty tough at thirty,Unless! new rules are set,breaking the stereotypical type.
With technology & competition increasing new standards are being set & women are aiming to
walk in par with the Men.It is believed women are capable of  multi tasking at a given time.
Juggling home & work women give up almost everything from their appearance to their peace of minds and all they need is support,from husband & family.A moral support & small contributions in daily work schedule,a helping hand on domestic front.Minor thoughts Minor actions & grateful appreciation give a Woman immense satisfaction and she will be ready to face the new challenges with a  bright smile every day!

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