Friday, 26 June 2015

The Single Girls!

Living far away from their home towns,with room mates or single bed apartments.working hard all day and partying it out even the life of a single girl real party as it seems?
A potential threat to a married friend who is sometimes subjected to some kind of speculations of being a spouse snatcher.Life isn't a cake walk for a single girl,Specially for the ones aged beyond the acceptable single range.
But who decides age bar for the single women?They themselves or the society?What is an acceptable age bar for a single woman?

A single working woman is very capable of deciding an age bar for herself.They don't need society to decide norms for them & yet the patriarchal society decides everything from her dressing to her friends to her timing. 
In some countries women are out on the streets until wee hours of morning without feeling a fear of anything.The society is liberal enough to accept what they wear & whom they hangout without any judgement.They aren't subjected to  any kind of scrutiny or lecherous behavior.Why is this not a culture in India?Why is a woman subjected to scrutiny and judged for her every action here?

A single working woman is often under society speculation for a long time,why does it really bother
anyone when a woman is single for long?Is it they are worried about her well being or fear they might end up alone for the rest of their lives.

She is often scrutinized for being stubborn and non flexible.
There are many women working away from their homes they work real hard for an earning,some have debts and some unpaid loans some working to pay of their education.
every penny is important,they often skip  their meals to save their monthly income.
Living in a constant fear of loosing their jobs,and as if that was not enough have relation ship issues.

Hanging out with potential singles..dressing up hoping for the best.These women walk with so many disappointments and yet nothing effects the  smile on their  pretty face
they face the world with a challenge everyday even after being immensely scrutinized and judged.With all the constant pressures they are ready to face the world each day with new hopes and aspirations.

That is a single girl for you smart independent intelligent and stronger beyond anyone's imagination!!