Thursday, 7 April 2016

Life at Thirty!

Life at Thirty!

Thirty a mere number can be a changing point in life for so many.
A new beginning or a nearing deadline,thirty can be anything from exciting to threatening.
Life at Thirty can be a challenge for sure.

Men seem charming & more desirable at Thirty.Researches have shown most men start new business ventures in their thirty's.Promotions & bigger bucks are a scene for thirty something men.They seem more confident with the experience.New opportunities flow in.New adventures line up. They're seemingly more attractive to the opposite sex than anytime before.Financial stability & growing liabilities is a story for Men in their thirty's.

While its a new beginning for Men it is threatening for the Women.Or so we think!
while most men begin their lives at thirty most women urge to be settled by thirty's. Financially & Personally.
A women married & settled in thirty's is a relief to many.But if we ask why are women so fearful of the number thirty?Then the answer lies here on.
Aging can be pretty scaring for the female lot.It brings in so many problems for the women. With time fading good looks & physical appearance the attraction levels surely reduce with time for women.And as if that wasn't enough the biological clock is also ticking!
The creator also has designed a woman's body to bear & create a life up-to a certain age limit.The biological clock starts ticking by thirty & the chances of bearing & conceiving are lesser further on.

Thirty is actually a beautiful age for both the genders to start new things.A woman can start a new venture or ride towards financial success like a man but when career becomes primary family life becomes secondary.And if the later becomes primary the career suffers!
There are some who are capable enough of handling both the work & domestic pressure & up for great challenges juggling both lives excellently.But not all of them are lucky.often women end up in dilemma while choosing between career & domestic life.

 Life can be pretty tough at thirty,Unless! new rules are set,breaking the stereotypical type.
With technology & competition increasing new standards are being set & women are aiming to
walk in par with the Men.It is believed women are capable of  multi tasking at a given time.
Juggling home & work women give up almost everything from their appearance to their peace of minds and all they need is support,from husband & family.A moral support & small contributions in daily work schedule,a helping hand on domestic front.Minor thoughts Minor actions & grateful appreciation give a Woman immense satisfaction and she will be ready to face the new challenges with a  bright smile every day!

Friday, 26 June 2015

The Single Girls!

Living far away from their home towns,with room mates or single bed apartments.working hard all day and partying it out even the life of a single girl real party as it seems?
A potential threat to a married friend who is sometimes subjected to some kind of speculations of being a spouse snatcher.Life isn't a cake walk for a single girl,Specially for the ones aged beyond the acceptable single range.
But who decides age bar for the single women?They themselves or the society?What is an acceptable age bar for a single woman?

A single working woman is very capable of deciding an age bar for herself.They don't need society to decide norms for them & yet the patriarchal society decides everything from her dressing to her friends to her timing. 
In some countries women are out on the streets until wee hours of morning without feeling a fear of anything.The society is liberal enough to accept what they wear & whom they hangout without any judgement.They aren't subjected to  any kind of scrutiny or lecherous behavior.Why is this not a culture in India?Why is a woman subjected to scrutiny and judged for her every action here?

A single working woman is often under society speculation for a long time,why does it really bother
anyone when a woman is single for long?Is it they are worried about her well being or fear they might end up alone for the rest of their lives.

She is often scrutinized for being stubborn and non flexible.
There are many women working away from their homes they work real hard for an earning,some have debts and some unpaid loans some working to pay of their education.
every penny is important,they often skip  their meals to save their monthly income.
Living in a constant fear of loosing their jobs,and as if that was not enough have relation ship issues.

Hanging out with potential singles..dressing up hoping for the best.These women walk with so many disappointments and yet nothing effects the  smile on their  pretty face
they face the world with a challenge everyday even after being immensely scrutinized and judged.With all the constant pressures they are ready to face the world each day with new hopes and aspirations.

That is a single girl for you smart independent intelligent and stronger beyond anyone's imagination!!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Blog buzz!!: N.R.I. Blues!

Blog buzz!!: N.R.I. Blues!: Waking up to alarm and not mother calling,grabbing a beagle or sandwich along with espresso or cafe Americana from a Star bucks joint in...

Sunday, 23 November 2014

N.R.I. Blues!

Waking up to alarm and not mother calling,grabbing a beagle or sandwich along with espresso or cafe Americana from a Star bucks joint instead of idli,sambar & tea in an Udipi hotel.Calling a taxi and just taking it instead of bargaining the price over meter.Then you definitely are an N.R.I.!Away from India!A non Residential Indian!

Where Satyadev becomes Steve and Padma becomes Paddy.Life is all changed once you move out of India an become a N.R.I. There is a panache to your style and accent,your life is too disciplined and your proudly portray your N.R.I. tag!

However the initial N.R.I. days are most interesting ones trying to understand the place and culture.You are stuck in between the
Desi & Videshi customs.
The travelling & exploring around is the fun part.Its always exciting to know a new city.

The best part of shifting to a new city is to see around the place & meet new people of different nationalities.And the worst part being the long & boring days spent either searching for jobs or waiting  for  that  admission in University for higher education.
A limited budget,travelling with little knowledge of the city and the impromptu process of meeting new people.

Making new friends is the best part of moving to a new city,you get to meet so many different type of people,the gossiping the shopping sprees the varied fashion,the crazy outfits,the new slang,the sudden exposure to a free culture.Where all genders and sexes are treated as equal. Where there is no domination or discrimination of one sex or race over the other.There isn't a caste system and people of all race work in an environment where they aren't judged based on their background.

There are women with more male friends than female ones and aren't considered as sluts and yet  when two male friends bond they are surprisingly considered as Gay!
A hilariously true fact! 

The West has always inspired us Indians.Tough there are many positive factors of the western culture,but
how much is good? We Indians seem to love to ape the west.
The anti caste system,The equality of genders the preference based on one's potentiality are the pro's,But there are also high divorce rates,Teen pregnancies,Late marriages,High stress rates & serious Health issues,Low reproduction rates etc. 
People are more attached to their cell phones than Family.The deploying faith in marriages & making families.

The cons of the developed culture is to such an extent that the West is starting to take a U- turn into vernacular ways.They have started going back to Yoga,Believing in marriages & having families,We Indians on the other hand are repeating the mistakes despite knowing the fact where it will lead to.

There are so many good things that could be incorporated from the other cultures into our system.Like the hard working Nature,the individuality Being self dependent in an early age.Gender and race inequalities.Strict punishments for sexual harassment,Rapes,murders & other hideous crimes.

Often the culture differences seem to shock many leading to a dilemma.But in such cases standing strong to your roots often proves better.

From what I've experienced the Non Indians are more interested in our culture than in someone aping them.
They seem to have keen interest in Indian food,History & mythology,culture, the rituals,the beautiful weddings,& the celebrations .
They seem to enjoy it and hold high regard for  the Indians as well as the Culture. We on the other hand are ruining it by aping almost everything right from the lifestyle to the movies.
Everything seems to have been inspired by the west.It may seem wonderful in a modern scenario but Are we not losing originality?


 When People of different nationalities come together for work They seem to create

 a picture of a Nation from an individual of that Nation.They believe A Nation is what 
 the Individual represents to them. 

And In this scenario We as N.R.I.'s have even bigger responsibility towards our Country to represent our Nation in whichever Country we reside. 

Because together we all are doing a small part in spreading the colors of our culture which is so great!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Over a Cuppa Tea!

Over A Cuppa Tea!

A lazy weekend after all household chores, A few Episodes of Sex & the city later Over a Cuppa tea you don't yet know how to pass the time.
This is a story of so many of us young working professionals away from home.

Splurging in sin full shopping seems such a wonderful idea for us ladies.But if you are on saving mode for you've spent a lot recently over something,then involving in some window shopping also seems threatening.

The fact remains that you go out for window shopping and end up buying more than you would normally splurge in,boredom is such a fuel to such splurging. Especially with so many wonderful stores around offering so many options.The brands and the tempting sale season!

Sometimes draggy and depressing days become wonderful just at the sight of sale in the 
Tangs outlet or a Zara Store.

But if you have planned to stay house arrested for the fear of spending more than you could afford,weekend may get so boring.And Over a cup of Tea begin to get nostalgic about the times when the pocket money was limited and shopping was just limited to the festivals & birthdays,boredom hardly had time in our life.

The high school and university days  are so wonderful,We were often short of money & yet had so much fun.
Ad mist the monthly targets,Submissions,assignments,Classes,The harmless faculty,we somehow managed to fit in canteen time,skipping classes time for a recent English/Hindi/Telugu flick,raging juniors,impromptu karaoke,badminton games &sketching trips.

Having fun and making Friends is a cakewalk in the teens & early twenties.Long Conversations sharing crap,gossips,non stop bragging,the activities so common in our early twenties seems too difficult later.Does time change us all?

We all often  go through many friendship break ups in our lives,Some are short lived others just end-up on a cordial note with lets hope we never meet each other,You don't bump into some of those Friends or sometimes just ignore the ones you bump into.And only few of those close ones make it for your "Forever Friends" List.

Its a wonderful thing to be 'Friends forever",Its so comforting in situations when you have hard times with family.The "Friends Forever" become a backup family & you can run over to and lean your head into their shoulders.
We are often very happy in the comfort zone and never think about making new ones,And end up feeling these friends are enough for a Life time.

But often we face difficult challenges,when we move away from our cities for higher studies,that dream job or to accompany our spouse to other city."Friends Forever" become "Friends not so often!"

We depart with thoughts & promises to keep in touch through emails,texts,social networking sites & phone calls. 

The technology is so advanced,makes it pretty easy for Friends overseas to stay in touch!!In fact so Easy that we are so glued to the technology & old friends that we don't realize about the people around us!!With so many options with high end applications available,we hardly realize the need for real Human friends!

Texts replace conversations,Games & social networking replace people.
A very sad truth  but it is what we are up to,The latest technology is advancing but making us all so lame...

We have latest phone models with latest applications all updated so we don't feel the boredom but are forgetting people around.We are often so engrossed in staying in touch with old friends that we forget to make new ones around!

We are so engrossed in taking selfies & photographs  of a wonderful place we have visited that we actually forgot to enjoy the trip worst even we forget the name of the place.

We all have a friends list exceeding 1000 on our social networking sites..and still we are spending lonely weekends wondering Over A Cuppa Tea...

Life still existed without technology,And we had Real Friends back then!!